Pawan and Jayshree are partners. Bindu is admitted for 1/4th share. What is the ratio in which Pawan and Jayshree will sacrifice their share in favour of Bindu?

Equally.As per Indian partnership act 1932
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pawan and jayshree will contribute 1/4×1/2 = 1/8 share each.
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assuming that initially they were sharing profit and losses equally
new profit sharing ratio=3:3:2
sacrificing ratio=old-new
pawan = 1/2-3/8=4-3/8=1/8
jayshree=1/ 2-3/ 8= 4- 3/8=1/8

hence sacrificing ratio =1:1
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If partnership deed is silent then according to Indian partnership act 1932 the profit sharing ratio is equal or 1:1
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