Please answer 4, 5, 6 and 8

Please answer 4, 5, 6 and 8 there previous Vet•s Practise, dilect speec this place Change the following sentences into indirect speech. Read the instructions given in Bharathi said to Vani, "l cannot meet you at the station today." (said 7 days ago) 2. A girl in the audience said to the speaker, "You didn't answer my last question." 3. The doctor said to the patient, "I'll be out Of station tomorrow." (two weeks ago) 4. Manish said to Rahima, "MY grandma is visiting us this weekend." S. Mrs Bakshi said to me yesterday morning, "Are you joining us for a cup of coffee now?" 6. The class teacher said. "Please submit your projects by this week." (said last week) 7. The stranger asked the traffic police, "Could you please tell me the way to the bus station this town?" B. Bubun said to her mother when they visited Jaipur last year. "Ma, this place looks familiar: Let•s Learm

Dear Student.

4) Manish told Rahima that his grandma was visiting him that weekend.
5) Mrs. Bakshi asked me the previous day's morning whether I was joining them for a cup of coffee then.
6) The class teacher requested to submit our projects by that week.
8) Bubun told her mother that, that place looked familiar when they visited Jaipur the previous year.

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