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Q3. Arusshi and Devesh are making a painting. Arushi can complete the painting in 30 minutes. Both Arushi and Devesh can complete the painting together in 20 minutes. They work together for 10 minutes and they have a quarrel. At this point, Arushi goes away. In how many minutes will Devesh finish the painting ?

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Time taken by Arushi to complete the painting=30 minsTime taken by Arushi to complete the painting  in 1 min=130 minsTime taken by Devesh and Arushi to complete the painting=20 minTime taken by both of them  to complete the painting in 1 min=120 minsPainting completed by both of them in 10 mins=10×120=12 minsTotal time=1So, time taken by Devesh alone to complete the painting =1-12=12 mins

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