Please answer these...

Please answer these... An In of B. making it similM write B in csh (A) Rita told a story 6 —ing to A. by Ritx (A) Few as as him. 2 (A) His ag th e b (A) of my fanw (B) My (A) I that m • only (A) I r Rafwl I (B) Hm*ly (A)He w on' t get in tix it to ra if [E dæ•t get to 8. (A) Her I [A) did (B) Little 10. (A) He Rita. h u Cmkie. SPECIMEN QUESTION PAPER - CLASS

Dear Student.
  1. is better than most of the Indian actors.
  2. is being checked by his bodyguards.
  3. shouted that he was ashamed of my behaviour.
  4. if earlier had I realised that mistake was mine.
  5. Rafael Nadal, I admire Roger Federer too.
  6. had Rajiv left the school, that it started to rain.
  7. he doesn't get down to serious study, he won't get good marks.
  8. her real name is Rita, her friends call her Cookie.
  9. did she know that her best friends had been diagnosed with cancer.
  10. immense admiration for his teachers.
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