Please experts help me with these problem quickly because I have test
So my question is tell me 5 ways of packing where the use of plastic can be replaced by any other bioderadable in order the food from spoiling. And give pictures to please give fast.

Dear student,
The five ways of packaging where the use of plastic can be replaced by other biodegradable in order to prevent the food from spoiling are:
1)Use of paper bags: Instead of using plastic, paper bags can be used which are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

2)Non woven bags: These are a better version of bags than paper bags. These can carry a huge amount of things and are cheap too.

3)Bagasse: Bagasse trays are used to pack and carry food. These are environmentally friendly which contains five compartments to carry food without spoiling it.

4)Cornstarch: This material is used in food companies to pack desserts and other frozen items. It is a new innovative technique to replace plastic as plastic material used to leech into the frozen and cold materials.

5)Noodle boxes: Instead of packing the noodles and rice in plastic food containers, paper noodle boxes are can be used to carry noodles and rice which can be sealed easily and are spill free.


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the steel boxes are the only alternative to plastics in packaging of food
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