Please explain epiboly and emboly types of gastrulation movements.

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The blastula passes into the stage called gastrula by the process—Gastrulation. 
The cell movement is of following types :

Epiboly: It involves the extension along the anterior- posterior axis and peripheral divergence takes place. 
Emboly: The inward movement of cells is called Emboly. It is classified into different types depending on the behaviour of migrating cells.
These are:
(i) Invagination: It denotes the infold­ing of a layer of cells to form a cavity en­circled by infolded cells.
(ii) Involution: It implies the inward rotation of cells as seen in the gastrulation of amphibian and avian eggs. 
(iii) Ingression : cell in this case moves inwards. 
(iv) Delamination: This is a process of separation of a group of cells from others to form discrete cellular masses.


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