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Aman is a talkative boy and keeps on talking even while eating food. His father dislikes this habit and asked him not to do so while eating. Can you explain the reason behind such an advice. What values are inculcated in Aman by his father?

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Aman's father advices becauseBranching out from the pharynx are the esophagus and the trachea. At the pharynx, food goes into the esophagus and air goes into the trachea. When one speaks, he/she is breathing. This causes the larynx to move down, opening the way for the trachea, so that air can pass through. With a mouth full of food, there is a possibility of the larynx moving down, and with it the food bolus. This produces a violent coughing to force the food out. In the event if the food is not forced out, the trachea is obstructed; denying entry to air. (Cannot breathe) As the result, choking occurs.

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Aman learns the value that he should not talk while eating

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when we talk while we r eating the food which we are eating gets out on the person sitting ahead and thus this habit is bad

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