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Q.22. By the reaction of carbon and oxygen, a mixture of CO and C O 2 is obtained What is the composition by mass of the mixture obtained when 20 g of O 2 reacts with 12 g of carbon?

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The reactions are C(s)  + 1/2O2(g)   CO(g)                         n1            n1/2                n1                    C(s) + O2(g)    CO2(g)                  n2           n2               n2Total mass of C in CO and CO2=(n1+n2) (12 g)Total mass of oxygen in CO and CO2=(n1+2n2)(16 g)Hence, (n1+n2) (12 g)=12 gand (n1+2n2)(16 g)= 20 gor, n1+n2=1 mol and n1+2n2=1.25 molSolving for n1 and n2, we get     n1=0.75 mol and, n2=0.25 molm1=(0.75)(28)=21gmol1; m2=(0.25)(44)=11 gmol1m(CO)= 21m(CO2) = 11

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