Please solve this worksheet.
1. Name any two air-pollutants produced b burning of coal and petroleum.
2. Name the man made component which is responsible for the depletion of ozone layer.
3. Mention two factors that influence the pattern of winds.
4. Name the free living nitrogen fixing bacteria.
5. List two biotic compounds of biosphere.
6. List two functions performed by the atmosphere to act as blanket.
7. State reason for the following statement:
(i) Dust is a pollution.
(ii) People love to fly kites near the sea shore.
8. (i) What is the main reason for increase in CO2 levels in atmosphere ?
   (ii) How does global warming occur ?
9. What is meant by acid rain ? How has it affected the environment and historical monuments ?
10. List any three human activities that would lead to an increase in the carbon dioxide content of air.
11. design an activity to show how convection currents are set up in the air and what is the nature of these current.
12. List two form of oxygen found in the atmosphere. Name the process(s) by which
(i) oxygen from the atmosphere is used up.
(ii) oxygen is returned to the atmosphere.
13. Give reason
(i) Presence of high levels of suspended particles in the air is harmful for us.
(ii) Morden farming practices bring about the conversion of fertile soil to barren soil.
(iii) The process of nitrogen fixation by bacteria does not take place in presence of oxygen
14. 'Water is an important natural resource which is consumed on very large scale by all living organism'. Explain with the help of diagram how a balance is maintained in nature between its consumption and regeneration in nature
15. Describe the major factors which lead to water pollution. Give examples.
16. (i) How is human a major factor in deciding the soil structure?
    (ii) List any four factor/process that are responsible for the formation of soil from the rocks.
17. (i) What is chemical formula of ozone ?
     (ii) Write the essential function performed by the ozone layer.
   (iii) What is cause of the depletion of ozone layer ?  

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When coal and petroleum are burnt, they produce harmful green house gases as carbon dioxide (CO2 ), carbon monoxide (CO), sulphur dioxide, Methane (CH4) , propane , butane gases etc. These gases, especially carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide are potent air pollutants.

2. Man-made component which is responsible for ozone depletion is CFC (chlorofluorocarbons).

Following are the factors that influence the pattern of wind :-
  • 1. Pressure gradient- wind speed depends upon the pressure gradient. Wind speed will be more if the pressure gradient is steep.
  • 2. Frictional force -  As friction is greater near the surface therefore it exerts a frictional drag on the air blowing just above it. This can change the wind's direction and can slow it down. 
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