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Pls answer this question What is the meaning of 'Black Hole Of Calcutta' here? Why is this place referred so? t lings were Seeing so many people there. Ranga came out with a smilt on his face. Had we all gone inside, the place would have turneC into what people call the Black Hole of Calcutta: Thank God did not. Everyone was surprised to see that Ranga was thf, same as he had been six months ago. when he had first left! our village. An old lady who was near him, ran her hand his chest. looked into his eyes and said, 'The janewaræ is still there. He hasn't lost his caste." She went away-soon after that• Ranga laughed. hands;"

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The black hole of Calcutta was a small prison or dungeon in Fort William where a large number of British prisoners were held captive by the army of the Nawab of Bengal, for one night. Since many people were there in such a small place hence the black hole of Calcutta is sometimes used to represent the gathering of a large number of people in a small room or place.

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a small, very crowded room or dark place is sometimes described as being ‘like the Black Hole of Calcutta’. This phrase comes from a small room used as a prison in Calcutta, India where many British prisoners died during one night in 1756
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Describe the first meeting between Ranga and Ratna
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