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initial velocity u =25 m/s
final velocity v=0
time with constant velocity =5 sec
time related to brake application =10 sec
(i) before the brakes are applied, let us assume the the distance travelled by  the car is S;
(before applying the brakes, there is not external force, so acceleration=0)
distance = speed ×timeS= 25×5 =125 m(ii) acceleration =v-ut=0-2510=-5/2=-2.5 m/s2
as the sign of acceleration is negative, so it denotes the car is retarding. And the retardation = 2.5 m/s2

after applying brakes, the time taken to come stop 10 sec
Let assume that Sbe the distance travelled after applying the brakes.
Initial velocity =u= 25 m/s
final velocity v= 0 m/s
using the third equation of motion:
v2- u2= 2aswe get,02-252= 2(-2.5)S'S'=625/5 =125 m


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