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Laws of liquid pressure:
• Pressure at same depth is different in different liquid. It increses with the increase in the density of the liquid.
• Pressure inside the liquid increases with the depth from the free surface of liquid.
• A liquid will always seeks its own level.
• Pressure is same at all points on a horizontal plane in case of stationary liquid.
• Pressure is same in all directions about a point inside the liquid.
Consequences of liquid pressure: 
• We know that pressure exerted by water in oceans increases with depth.very deep pressure is enough to crush the human body.
that is why deep divers are given to wear special suit, to resist the high pressure.
• When deep sea fishes are brought up to the surface of sea, their bodies flow at very high pressure . at the surface of sea, the pressure outside suddenly decreases due to this difference their body bursts open.
• Submarines are built of hardbthick sheets of metal to withstand that high pressure in underwater
• Pressure at a depth in sea has higher pressure than the pressure in river at same depth since the pressure is dependent on density.


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