Plzzzz help me In M.C.Q

Plzzzz help me In M.C.Q A'ith both and adoration. Sang- and was a huge sensation. i) What inspired the nightingale to sing? a) The appreciation or the av:liencc b) The frog's censure. c) The frog's praise and appreciation. d) The fact that it was in Bingle Bog. ii) Explain fired with both art and adoration' a) The nightingale was unhappy because the frog had sharply rebuked her. b) The nightingale was filled with adoration for the frog who was a great artist. c) The frog was filled with admiration and adoration fore the melodious song of thc nightingale. d) The nightingale was elated because the frog and the public had appreciated her singing. iii) What is the meaning of "Adoration'? a) Admiration Criticism d) Love. iv) The poetic device used in the above lines is a) Simile b) Personification c) Alliteration d) Metaphor Answer any of following questions in about 3040 words. —6 MARKS) ) Although Nicola and Jacopo are young boys, the author refers to them as gentlemen. Why does he do so? Why does the poet call the frog 'heartless'? What madc Mrs. Packlctide go for a tiger hunt? Answer any one of the following questions in about 150-200 words. Story or My Life •n's pleasures and amusements are many and varied. Comment. OR (7 MARKS)

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