Preetha was observing live cells of Onion in the Biology laboratory and she observed cell wall, cytoplasm and nucleus clearly. Suddenly her friend who was doing chemistry experiment spilled a few drops of salt water on the slide. After some time Preetha observed the slide and found some changes. (a) What would have been the change in the live cells of onion peel after adding salt water ?

As onion peel is a plant cell, so it contains cell wall. As salt water was spilled on the slide and left for some time, Preetha will observe exosmosis in the slide. This will happen because salt water is a hypertonic solution. So, water will move out of the cells leading to shrinking of cell membrane away from the cell wall. This is called plasmolysis.  

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There could not have been a change. Because onion peel has cell wall and it also exerts turgor pressure.

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