Prepare Vinay's capital account

Prepare Vinay's capital account 15. Babul and Vinay were partners. partnership deed provides f-cr: Profit be divided as Vinay —113 Babul and 116 be tramferted (b) The are 31 March each year. In the event Of death Of a partner, the executors Will entitled the following (D Capital to the credit on date of death. (iO Interest on capital@120/0 p.a (im Proportion of pmfit to the date of death based on profit credited 3 years (iv) Share of grxxlwill on the date of death based aver. profit credited ete 3 following information is provided you: Babul's capital Vinay's capital cash 704m Prepare Vinay's A/c to be to his executors he died April f« the three preceeding years were 48.0m, 42,0 and 45.@ (6)

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