prokaryotic cells have ribosomes 70SE. what does 70SE mean???

 '70SE' is an error in the study material, it should be 70S. We will make the correction soon. We shall most definitely try and ensure that such errors do not occur in the future.

Prokaryotes have 70S ribosome. For details please refer to the answer provided by your friend .

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70S refers to the rate of sedimentation of the ribosome in a centrifuge. You can almost think of it as a unit of size. The "S" is a unit of measurement called the Svedberg unit. Ribosomes contain two subunits. In prokaryotes, these subunits are 50S (large) and 30S (small). The total ribosome with both subunits is 70S in prokaryotes. (Notice that 30 + 50 = 80 and not 70. Remember this is not size and the rate of sedimentation is less when the subunits are bound then when they are separated.) Eukaryotic cells have 80S ribosomes: 60S (large) and 40S (small) subunits.

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