Q- two carts A and B of mass 10 kg each are placed on a horizontal track. They are joined tightly by a light but strong rope C . a man holds the cart A and pulls it towards the right with a force of 70N. The total force of friction by the track and the air on each cart is 15N,acting toward the left. Find:-

(a) the acceleration of the cart

(b) the force exerted by the rope on the car B

The mass of both the carts is 10 kg.
The figure shows the forces acting on the cart:

The resultant force acting,F=F1-F2(m1+m2)a=70-15(10+10)a=55a=5520=114 m/s2Therefore, the force exerted by the rope on the cart B,T=mBA=10×114=27.5 N

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