Q1,List three environment-friendly practices which you would like to form a part of your daily habit,giving justification for each.

1. Water tap should be close properly and avoiding wastage of water as water is exhaustible natural resource.
2. Wastage of electricity should be avoided by taking several precautions like switch off every electric instrument after use.  As this is the wastage of energy, money and damage to our natural environment.
3.Use of Nonbiodegradable items like plastic, PVC, nylon should be avoided as they accumulate in the ecosystem and never ends. 

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The eco-friendly habits that we should adopt in our day to day life are :- *Switch off the lights when not in use and climb stairs instead of lift helps to save electricity. *Reuse plastic items such as plastic bottles and cans to store different products.It will help to reduce pollution. *Always carry bags made up of clothes and jute while going on shopping. It helps to reduce paper wastage and use of plastics. *Use washable towels and carry them along with you in order to avoid wastage of paper towels.

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