Explain acceleration in simple wordings. How does the definition and formula of  "acceleration" helps in defining and knowing "acceleration due to gravity"?

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Acceleration can be defines as the rate of change of velocity of a body with time. Mathematically, it is represented as

a = v/t

where v is the object's velocity and t is the time.

Acceleration due to gravity:-

Acceleration with which a body would fall freely under the action of gravity in a vacuum is known as the 
acceleration due to gravity. This varies according to the distance from the centre of the earth but the accepted value is 9.81 metres per second.Variations from the accepted value may occur where, for instance, there are massive ore bodies close to the surface and these anomolies are employed in mineral exploration. Symbol: g.

Acceleration due to gravity of earth,g is given as

Where G = Universal gravitational constant

M = Mass of the earth

R = Radius of the earth

This is the relation  between acceleration due to gravity and Gravitational constant.

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