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questions till 12 ASSIGNMENT ON FORC< CAWS OF Very short answer rive auestiDa$ 1. Which physical quantity corresponds to rate of change Of momentum? 2. How is mass related to acceleration for a constant force? 3. If mass of a body and the force acting on it are doubled what happens to the acceietauon? 4. Name the quantity which has the unit as Ns? 5. Name the physical quantity which is considered to be a measure Of the of of a body. Short answer type 6. A) Explain why, it is easier to stop a tennis ball than a cricket bail mov•ng With same speed. Why is it advised to tie luggage placed on roof of a car? 7. A plastic and a clay ball of equal masses, travelling an the same direction with equal speeds, 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. strike against a vertical wall. From which ball does the wall receive a greater amount ot momentum? What is the change in momentum of a car weighing ISCOkg when its speed Inc.ease from 36kmph to 72kmph unifoanly? To take the boat awe'. / tram the Dank of a river, the boatman pushes tne bank with an oar, Why? If a man jumps out of a boat the boat moves backwards. Why? Why are car seat belts designed to stretch somewhat in collision? How long will it take for a force of ION to stop a mass oi 2Skg which is moving at 20mts? A body of mass 5 kg moving with a velocity of 10m/s. A force IS applied tor 25s. It attatns a velocity of 35m/s. Calculate the force applied. iF the same force acts foc 50s, what Nil be t velocity attained?

Dear Student ,
1. Rate of change of momentum corresponds to Force .
2. Relation between mass , acceleration and constant force is , F = ma .
3. If the mass of a body and the force acting on the same body is doubled then then the acceleration of the body remains same .
4. Momentum has the unit of Ns .
5. Physical quantity which is considered to be the measure of the quantity of motion of a body is speed or velocity .

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