Read the poem given below:
The Bangle Sellers Bangle sellers are we who bear
Our shining loads to the temple fair...
Who will buy these delicate, bright
Rainbow-tinted circles of light?
Lustrous tokens of radiant lives,
For happy daughters and happy wives.

Some are meet for a maiden's wrist,
Silver and blue as the mountain mist,
Some are flushed like the buds that dream
On the tranquil brow of a woodland stream,
Some are aglow wth the bloom that cleaves
To the limpid glory of new born leaves

Some are like fields of sunlit corn,
Meet for a bride on her bridal morn,
Some, like the flame of her marriage fire,
Or, rich with the hue of her heart's desire,
Tinkling, luminous, tender, and clear,
Like her bridal laughter and bridal tear.

Some are purple and gold flecked grey
For she who has journeyed through life midway,
Whose hands have cherished, whose love has blest,
And cradled fair sons on her faithful breast,
And serves her household in fruitful pride,
And worships the gods at her husband's side.

Answer the following questions:

1)How do the bangle sellers describe their bangles?
2)Briefly explain the following lines:
(a)'Some are flushed like the buds that dreamOn the tranquil brow of a woodland stream' (b)"Some are aglow wth the bloom that cleaves to the limpid glory of new born leaves"
Please tell the answers.

Dear student,

We request you to kindly post a single query in each thread. It will help us in assisting you better.
For now, we are providing answer for question number one. Please find below the answer to your query.

'The bangle sellers in the fair call out loudly in order to attract more and more customers. They call their bangles "delicate" "bright" and "rainbow-tinted". The bangles are delicate because they are made of glass that radiants multi-coloured light. The bangle is the emblem of the prosperous lives of married women and daughters.'

Hope the information will clear your doubts. For any further assistance please feel free to contact us; our experts will be happy to help you.


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