Resting against a wall.
Lying down.
Aircraft in a steady-flight.
Floating in water.
Standing in ground.
Tug of war equally balanced teams.
Fruit hanging from a tree.
Ball hanging from a rope.

Why are the given statements examples of balanced forces ?
What is similar in them ?

Firstly let's know what is balanced force. When two forces acting on a body are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction, then the forces are called balanced forces. 
So, in all the above-stated examples equal and opposite forces are acting, that's why they are called balanced forces.
For example:- A game of tug of war with equally balanced teams on either side is an example of balanced force. In this, the rope does not move as equal and opposite force is applied from each side. Another example can be Floating in water. In this case, the weight of the boat is balanced by the upthrust from the water.

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