rusting of iron is a irreversible change. but can't we get the iron back by electroplating

You people are correct. We cannot get iron back from rusted iron by electroplating.

Rusting of Iron is a chemical change. It reacts with moist air to form a new compound called rust with molecular formula Fe2O3.nH2O. This oxide layer, rust is not stable and falls off after certain time. Thus rusting of iron is irreversible change i.e. Rust once formed can not be converted back into iron.

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No, rusting of iron is a irreverisible and chemical change, we can't get the iron back by electroplating.In the process of rustingof iron when the iron is exposed to the atmosphere is reacts with the oxygen of the atmosphere to form hydrated iron oxide which is the rust.

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since rustng of iron is a irreversible change aand chemical change and in chemical change a new sustance is formed so we can not get the old sustance back

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