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Say true or false Lets Remember I. Write T for the true statement and F for the false one. Correct the false statement(s). I. Most synthetic fibres are obtained from coal, petroleum, and natural gas. 2. Polyester is prepared from cellulose. 3. Acrylic fibres closely resemble wool. 4. Terrywool is a blend of Terylene and wool. 5. Spandex is used for making swimming costumes. 6. Most synthetic fibres have very high moisture-absorbing capacity. the following questions orally.

Dear Student.
1- Most synthetic fibers are obtained from coal, petroleum and natural gas. True
2- Polyester is derived from cellulose False (polyester is not derived from cellulose it is a synthetic fiber) False
 3- Acrylic fibres closely resemble wool. True
4-Terrywool is a blend of Polyester (which is a synthetic fiber) and wool (type of natural fiber)-true
5-Spandex is used in a variety of different clothing types. Since it is lightweight and does not restrict movement, it is most often used in athletic wear. This includes such garments as swimsuits, bicycle pants, and exercise wear. The form-fitting properties of spandex make it a good for use in under-garments. True
6- Synthetic fibres absorb moisture  (Synthetic fibres do not absorb moisture). False
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