Shearing does not hurt sheep. Give reasin for it.

Shearing of sheep involves removing wool (hair of sheep). wool is a dead tissue just like our hair. So, shearing of sheep does not hurt it.

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Shearing doesnot hurt sheep unless the razor slips or is dull. Just like what happens if your barber messes up while shaving your head.

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 Shearing doesnot hurt sheep when human get a hair cut they do not hurted.this same has been done with the sheep. the hair of sheephas been cuted during shearing .the hair is cuted with razor

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Shearing does not hurt the sheep just as it does hurt when you get a hair-cut or your father shaves his beared because in all cases the uppermost layer of skin is dead.

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 for me please.

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The uppermost layer of the skin is dead. As we know the hair of the sheep grow again just as our hair does.

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the shearing of sheep does not hurt it because its uppermost layer of skin is dead just as our when we cut our hair it doesnt pain ,similarly when shearing of sheep is done it does not hurt it.

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 NO, it might be scarey for them because sheep dont get handled often and its better for them in the summer so they dont overheat, also if left too long the wool can become painfull - pulling matts in some areas PLease give thumbs up 

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shearing does not hurt the sheep because the people who shear the wool only shave the upper layer of the skin that is dead . It is similar with us when the barber shaves our head

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Because shearing involves in taking out of fleece of the sheep with a thin layer of skin.It does not hurt them because their upper layer of skin is dead.So it is the only reason for that.

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