short note on problems of water shortage

There are numerous problems that can be caused by shortage of water:-
1. Scarcity of water on planet earth due to over usage and climate change has caused water crisis which leads to increasing droughts.
2. Shortage of water have lead to problems in irrigation which leads to the shortage of food supply in many areas.
3. Water is extremely important for electricity production, so shortage of water will eventually cause difficulty in production of electricity.
4. Water is also required in agricultural and industrial needs, the shortage of water has caused many problems in such areas.

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Problem of water shortage is one of the main issues in our country and in the worldthere have been many steps to cut the wastage of water and and giving water to those who need them by the help ofposters, banners, public rally etc.

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The main reason for this problem is the growing population in the region. This means there are more demands on the water supply. For example, more land is used to supply food and so more water is needed for irrigation. Some of this water comes from desalination plants, but some comes from underground reserves. These resources are difficult to replace, as little rain falls in this region. An additional problem is water pollution. With increased industrialisation comes the increased use of chemicals. Another reason for water shortage is that as countries become richer people use more and more in their homes. For instance, people like to bath or shower every day.

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