Sleek aa a lizard and alert and abrut she enter the thickness .explain the statement

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This extract is taken from the poem the ' The laburnum Top'. During an autumn afternoon, the laburnum tree is dead silent .  However, silence of the tree is broken by the arrival of the goldfinch. The thrill to the tree is provided by the chirpiness of the young offsprings of the goldfinch. The extract mentions the movement of the goldfinch across the tree. Just as a lizard, the goldfinch  moves with swiftness, alertness & abruptness.   


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"Then sleek as a lizard and alert and abrupt, she enters the thickness".

The above verse of the poem - 'The Laburnum Top' states that the lizard is a quick-moving reptile. It also discerns the vigilance and sudden moments that are specific characteristics of a lizard. In the given line, the arrival of the Goldfinch on the Laburnum Tree is been described. The poet elicits a comparison amidst the lizard and the Goldfinch on the basis of their alertness that is well reflected in their traits. (This comparison is magnificently embodied within a Similie). This is done to avoid seeking the attention of predators.
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