"So much as the trusting sorrow of what is unsaid"- Roadside Stand
what does the lines given above signify?explain.


The given lines mean that the pain and the pleas of the people who set up the roadside stand always remain unheard and unspoken of. All that they expect is some 'country money' with which they can try to raise the standards of their living. But their grievances and wails for this petty request remains in thin air uncared of. The lines that follow are spoken by the people of the roadside stand. So, in a way, it provides a prelude to the aforesaid details.

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Their complaint on the marred scenery does not hurt the peasants as much as the sorrow that is left unsaid. ‘Trusting Sorrow’ is a metaphor and refers to the fact that the peasants set up the shed in the hopes (‘trusting’) of attracting city folk to buy their produce, thus providing the additional income to enjoy the luxuries of life. However, they are disappointed (‘sorrow’) in the fact that no one is interested in their sales, but rather on the elimination of the shed that mars the landscape.
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