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Q.29. A municipal corporation wall on road side has dimensions as shown in given figure. The wall is to be used for advertisements and it yields an earning of Rs. 660 per m 2 in a year. Find the total amount of revenue earned in a year.

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Here total area used for advertisements=area of triangle+area of rectangleFirst we find area of triangle by using Heron's formula;Sides of triangle area=15cm, b=14cm and c=13cmSemi-perimeter of triangle ABE=s=15+14+132=21cmSo area of triangle ABE=ss-as-bs-c=21×21-15×21-14×21-13=21×6×7×8=7×3×3×2×7×2×2×2=3×7×2×2=84cm2And area of rectangle ABE=3×14=42cm2Therefore total area to be used =84cm2+42cm2=126cm2=0.0126m2Earning = Rs.660/m2Therefore total earning = 0.0126×660=Rs.8.316

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This is very easy.
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First find area of triangle by heron's formula
Ans. will be 40.98 cm^2 ----#1

Then find area of rectangle using L*B
Ans. 42 cm^2 ----#2

Now add #1. & # 2.
Ans. 82.98 cm^2

Convert it to m^2 by dividing it by 10,000
Ans. 0.008298 m^2

Now multiply it with our price per m^2
0.008298 * 660

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