squrare root of 390615 and 0.00126736

The square root of the number can be determined using the following steps. 
1. First starting with the ones place, group the digits of the number in pairs
Here each of the pair and the remaining digit  is called a period. 
2. Now take the largest number  whose square is equal to or just less than the first period.
This numbers serves as a divisor as well as the quotient. 
3. In this step, subtract the product of the divisor and the quotient from the first period  and then take 
down the next period to the right of the remain which becomes the new dividend. 
Repeat the above steps till all the periods have been taken up.  
The final quotient thus obtained is the required square root of the number 

The square root of the number 390615 can be found as,  

So the square root of the number 390615 is,     390615=624.99624Note that the second number 0.00126736 can be re written as,     0.00126736 =126736 100000000Thus the square root of 0.00126736 is equivalent to finding the squareroot of the fraction 126736 100000000This implies that,   0.00126736 =126736 100000000                                 =126736100000000                               =12673610000The square root 126736  can be found as,  

Thus the required value of 0.00126736  is given by,       0.00126736=35610000=0.0356


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390625 = 625 as square root

0.00126736 = 0.0356
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