State the characteristics of collenchyma tissue?

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collenchyma is a simple permanent plant tissue

it is a living cell and has cellulose at it's ends

it's basic function is support and providing flexibility to the plants

it is found in areas where the plant bends without breakin {nodes i guess}

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1. it is a living tissue, thin cell walls but thicken at the corners.

2. little intercellular spaces are present.

3. occurs below the epedimes in leaf stocks.

4. extra cellulose and bacteria deposits are there. they also contain at times in chlorpplasts.


1. its a machenical tissue gives machenical support,elesticity to plants .

2. flexibility to the organs as it is present in parts which can bent.

3. early bending in various parts of plants contain chloroplast that manufacture food.

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Collenchyma - found just below the epidermis in petiole (e.g. celery stalks), leaves, and young stems; usually specialized; characteristics include:

living at maturity

irregularly thickened cell walls (+cellulose)

prism shaped

plastic (can change shape but do not usually return to the original shape; remain deformed)

Functions of

collenchyma cells



some involvement in transport of nutrients

Sclerenchyma - in mature parts of the plant, especially in woody plants and herbaceous perennials; specialized; characteristics include:

dead at maturity - protoplast is absent

very thick, sclerified cell wall (+lignin)

impermeable to water and other nutrients

in cells specialized for transport of water and nutrients, the cell wall contains holes called pits.

Functions include:



transport of water and nutrients

Specific examples of

sclerenchyma cells


fibers - long and slender

sclerids (stone cells) - relatively spherical; the gritty texture of pears is due to the presence of stone cells.

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