state the relevant property of the fibre used in the following
A. Nylon threads are used for making fishing nets and climbing ropes
B. Spandex is used in clothes that require snug fitting

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A)Nylon fibres are very strong and they are good shock absorbers, like if it i=used for lifting something, then it can regain its original shape after stretching, that's how they are used for climbing ropes. On the other hand, they are used for fishing nets, as they can tolerate the shock, caused, when fishing nets are pulled, and as their moisture absorbance is low, so they won't become heavy when they are thrown in water.
B)Spandex is made up of polyurethane, giving them extra stretchability, to its elastic property, for which they regain their original shape after repeatedly stretching. They are lightweight, and smooth.For these reasons, they are used for snug-fitting.


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