Studying the properties of acids and bases(hcl&NAOH) on the basis of their reaction with
a) litmus solution(blue/red)
b)zinc metal
c)solid sodium carbonate

Dear Student(a)HCl will turn blue litmus red.NaOH will turn red litmus blue.(b) Zinc metal on reacting with HCl will give ZnCl2 with liberation of H2 gasZn+2HClZnCl2+H2Zinc metal on reacting with NaOH will give Na2ZnO2 (sodium zincate) and H2Zn+2NaOHNa2ZnO2+H2(c) HCl on reacting with Na2CO3 gives sodium chloride, carbondioxide and water2HCl+Na2CO32NaCl+CO2+H2O NaOH does not reacts with sodium carbonate because both have common Na+ ion.Regards

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(3)Sodium carbonate turns blue to red (acid
(2)Zinc metal is basic in nature
(1)Acid turns blue to red
Basic turns red to blue
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 (a)HCl will turn blue litmus red and NaOH will turn red litmus blue
(b) Zinc metal on reacting with HCl will give ZnCl2 with liberation of H2 gas
     Zinc metal on reacting with NaOH will give Na2ZnO2 (sodium zincate) and H2O
(c) HCl on reacting with Na2CO3 gives NaCl + CO2 + H2O
NaOH + Na2CO3 -> no reaction

hope this helps.
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