Suman made an arrangement with shaded and unshaded paper sheets as shown .Find the total area of the shaded paper sheets used in making the arrangement. FAST PLEASE .

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Take one partSo in total large triangle and shaded triangle 42=42   so these large and small triangle is similar triangles Now  let unknown side of shaded triangle is  x42=3xx=1.5 cmSo now area of shaded triangle 2,2,1.5s=2+2+1.52=2.75Area of one shaded triangle=ss-as-bs-cA=2.752.75-22.75-22.75-1.5A=2.75×0.75×0.75×1.25=1.93359375=1.39 cm2So total nuber of shaded triangles are 4Hence total area of shaded triangle=4×Area of one shaded triangleTotal area=4×1.39=5.56 cm2    Answer

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