Summary for the story uncle podger hangs a picture

Uncle Podger is a character who makes the readers laugh.He feels himself to be a man of ability and skills.He keeps bragging that he could do any sort of job himself without anyone's help.But in reality , he involves others in the job and finally , after messing things up , does the work with imperfection.
     When it comes to the task of hanging a picture on the wall , by his acts , he makes everybody in his family perplexed and confused.
He thinks that it is he who is doing the job of hanging the picture on the wall , but at the same time , he gets all the family members involved in one or the other subsidiary jobs.
He asks people to find his coat while he himself , was sitting on it. He had made a mess but looked prideful at his ill finished job.
All this prove him to be funny , lovable person but , good for nothing !
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Who is Bodh Raj
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it is too short
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