the long and short hands of a clock are 6cm and 4cm respectively.Find the sum of distances travelled by their tips in a day

Here is the answer to your question.
In 1 day the short hand (hour hand) of the clock, takes 2 complete rotation.
In 1 hour the longest hand (second) of the clock takes 60 complete rotation.
In 1 day (= 24 hour) the long hand takes 60 × 24 = 1440 complete rotation.
The radii r1 and r2 of the hour hand and the second hands are 4 cm and 6 cm respectively.
Thus, the sum of the distances travelled by the tip of the hands of the clock in a day
= 2 × 2Πr1 + 1440 × 2Πr2
= 4Π (r1 + 720r2)
= 54359 cm (approx)
= 543.59 m (approx)
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