The peacock is a colourful bird. How does the poem capture the various colours that its plumage displays?

An Asian bird, peacock is one of the most colourful known birds. Its plumage is a myriad of colours. Sujata Bhatt has detailed the tail of numerous colours with such finesse that it is not hard to visualise the blue and golden of the peacock. In the very beginning when she tells the reader of the presence of a peacock in the vicinity she talks of the turquoise flashed in the peepal tree, a vibrant reflection of the turquoise colour, which is most dominating in its feathers, forms an image in the reader's mind. Even when the peacock makes a spectacle, the poet talks of its dark glowing eyes (in feathers), describing them “violet fringed with golden amber”. It creates a vivid imagery of a wide spread plumage of the peacock with all the vibrant colours reflecting the flamboyance.

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