The poem is a satire against the present political class. How effectively does it convey the anger and anguish of the common man trapped in the system?

Karl Marx said, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.” The clash between the proprietor and the proletariat is natural and inevitable. The oppressor and the oppressed will always be class apart. A commoner who has no say is sandwiched between the political groups. The mob struggles; however, it is a futile war against the powerful who sacrifice their subjects to gain power and play petty politics. Like it happened in the poem how the two groups, the tigers and the shepherd, exploited the commoners, the sheep. Even though the social forces, the sheepdog, try to stop it all, on the name of “common good” the proletariat is always sacrificed. They can not raise voice against the powerful and simply have to obey the laws laid down by the dogmatic authorities.

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