the points A,Band C are(4,0),(2,2),and(0,6) respectively.AB produced cuts the y-axis at Pand CB produced cuts the x-axis at Q.find the co-ordinates of the pointsP and q.Find the eq. of the straight line joining the mid points of AC nad OB( Where O is the origin )and verify that this line passes through the mid point of PQ.

We have,

Slope of BC = slope of QB

Mid point of AC can be calculated by using midpoint formula,

Let the midpoint be R.


Similarly, let the midpoint of OB be S

The slope of line joining points R and S =

The equation of line joining points R and S is,

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Actually the question is wrong the point A(4,0) B(2,2) and C(0,6) can never lie on a straight line..

If u want u can verify....

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