the scientific name of cat is felis domesticus and tiger is felis tigris, they both belong to same genus but different species. give reasons ​  

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Cats and tigers belong to same family but have different species. This is due to their difference in features. They even have the same number of chromosome but the traits are defined by the DNA present in the chromosome and not by the number of chromosome. this is the reason of their different appearance. Cats do not grow much as compared to tigers, although they have some characteristics in common such as night vision, climbing trees, etc. 

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can any of the experts, please reply quickly because tomorrow is my exam.
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i think because of their characters
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well first remember the definition of  species.
species:- a group of organisms which can freely interbreed and produce offsprings

so clearly we know that a cat and a tiger can't breed and produce young ones{note that hybrid isn't considered}.
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