The sides of a triangular park are 8m, 10m and 6m respectively. A small circular area of diameter 2m is to be left out and the remaining area is to be used for growing roses.How much area is used for growing roses?

Semiperimeter of triangular park = (8+10+6)/2 = 12m.

Area of triangle heron's formula = Root {12(12-8)(12-10)(12-6)} = 24m2

Area of circle to be left out = Pie X (2/2)2 = 3.14m2

Area used for growing grasses = Total area - area to be left out = 24m2 - 3.14m2 = 20.86m2

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area of the park= 24m2  (by heron's formula)

area of circle= pie*(r)2= pie*(2/2)2= 3.14m2

area used for growing roses = total area-area of circle = 24-3.14 m2 = 20.86m2

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