There are many instances of gentle humour in the story. Point out some of these and state how this contributes to the interest of the narration.

Few instances of gentle humour which contributed to the interest of the narration were:

  • When Mrs Croft said with disbelief and delight after meeting Mala: She is a perfect lady. The gentle laugh the couple shared at this moment was very important although quite subtle.

  • The old lady asking it repeatedly everyday: ‘A flag on the moon! Isn’t that splendid?’ and the compulsion with which the author used to reply: “Splendid!”

  • There was a point in the story when Mrs Croft expressed the fact that she didn't accept the physical proximity between a male and a female. She found improper for a lady and gentleman who are not married to one another to hold a private conversation without a chaperone! The situation portrayed here might seem amusing.

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