Three incandescent bulbs of 100W each are connected in series in an electric circuit. In another circuit another set of three bulbs of the same wattage are connected in parallel to the same source.
(a)Will the bulb in the two circuits glow with the same brightness? Justify your answer.
(b)Now let one bulb in both the circuit gets fused. Will rest of the bulbs continue to glow in each circuit? Give reason.


Dear Student

As the net resistance in each circuit is different due to varying arrangement, the brightness of the bulbs would be affected differently and thus would no grow with the same brightness.



In the series circuit if any component is affected the whole circuit shuts down and stops working but that is not so in a parallel circuit where the components are unaffected. 

Thus, the remaining bulbs in the parallel circuit will glow while in the series circuit they will not.


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