Tick the diagrams that have 40%shaded

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In  (i)we have 5 equal parts in which 2 are shadedso, shaded part is25 of total percenthence shaded part= 25×100                                 =40%In  (ii)we have 9 equal parts in which 4 are shadedso, shaded part is49 of total percenthence shaded part= 49×100                                 =44.44%In  (iii)divide this figure into 4 equal squares,thereforewe have 8 equal parts in which 4 are shadedso, shaded part is48 of total percenthence shaded part= 48×100                                 =50%In  (iv)we have 10 equal parts in which 4 are shadedso, shaded part is410 of total percenthence shaded part= 410×100                                 =40%In  (v)we have 3 equal parts in which 1 are shadedso, shaded part is13 of total percenthence shaded part= 13×100                                 =33.33%Hence figure (i) and (iv) have a 40 % shaded region 

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first and fourth

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First figure is correct because :-
40%                 [given]
= 40/100
= 2/5                [answer]

First figure is shaded 2/5 .So it is the correct option.
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