two men P and Q are standing on the corners A and B of a square ABCD of side 8m. they start moving along the track with a constant speed 2m/s and 10m/s respectively.  P  is moving in direction A to B and Q is movig in direction B to C. After what time will they meet for the first time.?


plzz experts.....this ques has already been asked but the answer is wrong...the correct ans is 3sec not 2sec as given in the answer posted by an expert....

Dear Student,

P and Q are at the A and B. We have assumed that P is at rest and Q
walks at 8m/s. Now Q has to walk from B to C, from C to D, from D to A
to reach P. We needs to cover a distance equal to 3 times the length of
one side of the square. Hence distance = 8*3 = 24 m.
P and Q are walking at speed of 2m/s and 10m/s.This situation is similar to that when P is at rest and Q walks at 8m/s. Q has to walk 3*8 = 24 m for which he will take 24/8 = 3 seconds.
Hence P and Q will meet after 3 seconds.


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What do you mean by 24 @pragun??
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