Two tin  cans  - P and  Q, both  half-filled   with  water  are  heated   on two  stoves  till the water   inside  starts   boiling.  They  are  boiled  for  1 minute   after  which  the  stoves   are turned   off.
The mouth  of can P is sealed  tightly  with  a lid immediately    and  placed  under  running tap  water.   The  mouth   of can  Q is sealed   tightly   after   30 minutes   and  then   placed under  running   tap  water.

what will we observe?

Dear Student 

In case of can P when water is poured , the can is crushed almost immediately. This happens due change in pressure inside the can du conversion of vapour to water due to rapid cooling. But in case of can Q the vapours are no longer left after 30 mins so when the water is poured it just cools the inside water without crushing the can.


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