uses of 5 metals and non metals in our daily life.


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common uses of metals and non-metals have been discussed in the above lesson. If you still face any particular problem, please do let us know.

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Metals: Iron is used for manufacturing automobiles, machinery, pipes, containers, nails, etc. Gold and silver are used for making jewellery. Copper is used for making electrical wires , cooking utensils, etc. Zinc is mainly used as a protective coat for iron. Aluminium is used for making electrical cables, packaging, cooking utensils,etc.

Non Metals: Hydorgen is used for synthesis of ammonia and methyl alchohol, in welding torches, etc. Sulphur is used in the manufacture of compounds such as sulphuric acid and sulphates and in the production of matches, dyes, and gunpowder. Graphite is used in pencils, in zinc-carbon batteries, and in brake linings. Phosphorus is used in the fireworks industry and for making special glasses used in sodium lamps.

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