Using the  E° values of A and B, predict which is better for coating the surface of iron [  E° (Fe2 +/ Fe) = -0.44 V ] to prevent corrosion and why ?
Given  E° (A2 / A) = -2.37 V and  E° (B2+ / B ) = -0.14 V

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Corrosion is basically a phenomenon of oxidation of iron. Thus, we must consider the oxidation potentials of all the elements. Whichever element A or B has a higher oxidation potential than that of Fe, will oxidise faster than iron (sacrificial oxidation), thus protecting iron from getting corroded.

Oxidation potential of Fe = 0.44 V

Oxidation potential of A = 2.37 V
Oxidation potential of B = 0.14 V

Since, A has a higher oxidation potential than that of iron, it can be used for coating the surface of iron.

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A is better to prevent crossion because E cel will be negative
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