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different types of teeth in our jaws have different functions, but they all work together to chew the food.

1.discuss the function of each types of teeth.

2.what inspiration do we learn from our teeth that have different functions.

There are four types of teeth in a jaw.

- It is a first type of tooth present in group as first four front teeth in each jaw. It has a single root.  It has a broad, straight biting edge and a flat front surface. It helps in cutting and biting the food.
Canine- It is a second type of tooth which is found between incisors and premolars. It is pointed in shape and has a single root. It helps in cutting and tearing the food.
Premolar- It is a third kind of tooth. It is present between molars and canines. It has a broad flat chewing surface. It is suitable for cutting, tearing and as well as crushing food. It has variable number of cusps. It has one or two roots.
Molar –It is a fourth kind of tooth found next to premolars. It has four or five cusps on its broad flatter chewing surface. Upper molars have three roots, lower ones just two.  They are used to crush and grind food.
Associated Value : The learner will be able to understand that in a system , different parts performing their individual functions altogether succeed to give the results. There is division of labour in multicellular organisms, that is different parts perform different function but as a system, they play a particular role.  Same way different types of teeth performing their individual function, succeed to help in chewing the food altogether.

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  1. Incisorsare the teeth present at the front portion of the mouth. There are four incisors in each jaw. They are used for biting and cutting food.
  2. Caninesare located next to the incisors. There are two canines in each jaw. They are used for tearing and piercing food.
    1. Premolarslie next to the canines. There are four premolars in each jaw. They are used for chewing and grinding food.
    1. Molarslie next to the premolars at the end of the jaw. There are six molars in each jaw. They are also used for chewing and grinding food.
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teeth - function

1.incissors - cutting and biting

2.canines - tearing and piercing

3.premolar - chewing and grinding

4.molar - chewing and grinding

dental formula for adult

upper half jaw /lower half jaw = (i=2/2 , c=1/1 , pm= 2/2 , m =3/3) x2

dental formula for child

upper half jaw /lower half jaw = (i=2/2 , c=1/1 , pm= 0/0 , m =2/2) x2

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i think " one may be good at something but working together as a team never fails"(different teeth work together n make it easy for us to swallow by chewing)...thx and thumbs plz

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