Visit a nearby you observe the conditions provide to the animals what the suitable for the animals can animal live in artificial setting instead of their Natural Habitat in your opinion will the animal be comfortable in a zoo for in their natural habitat

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Zoos try to mimic the natural habitats of animals as much as much they can but still the environment provided by them remains as artificial environment where, animals are provided significantly small and less room or space that animal would have in the natural habitat or in wild.

Animals living in their natural habitats are more healthy as compare to the animals living in the artificial settings or zoos. Animals are forced to live in artificial environment thus they are forced to live in a stressful condition by removing them from their social structures this dprive them of physical and mental stimulation. Artificial settings are primarily foccsued to sustain public support in order to increase profit for them. Animals can live in artificial settings but are not properly provided with conditions such as natural habitat, climate ,feeding and natural enviornment to reproduce etc .


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